What are the Best Materials for Stone Fireplaces?

What are the Best Materials for Stone Fireplaces?

With home improvement projects, picking the correct material is a key part of the process. When it comes to building a fireplace, finding the right style for your home is important. Whether your style is traditional, modern, rustic or totally your own, you’ll find the right stone surface that works in your home.


Adding marble to a fireplace will add a sleek and luxurious look. Marble is a common favorite for homeowners all over. This popular stone will give character and class to any home. Marble is a softer stone so it is more likely to scratch or show stains or wear. Installing honed marble helps minimize this issue.


If you are looking for a much more contemporary type of fireplace, granite will be your best bet. This material is durable and easy to clean. Granite does requires sealing but applying a sealer is a standard part of the install process.



Along with granite, slate is a very durable material, but it creates a more rustic look. Depending on the style of your home, slate could be perfect match for your fireplace. Keep in mind, slate does require regular cleaning and maintenance to stay beautiful. It’s not quite as durable as granite, but it could be worth the trade-off depending on your style preferences.



Some people are fond of unfinished, more rustic look, while others prefer finished and sleek looks. For those who prefer the latter, quartzite could be a strong option. This polished stone will add a more formal, subtle style to your fireplace. If you are interested in the quartzite but dislike one style of it, there are several different patterns and colors to choose from.


Porcelain/Ultra Compact

Have you heard about the latest innovations in stone? Porcelain or sintered stone (ultra compact surfaces) are formed using heat/pressure techniques to create a durable and heat resistant material. These materials are much stronger than typical porcelain tiles and come in slab dimensions with a variety of thicknesses. This allows for a wide array of style choices for fireplace surrounds and cladding. These materials have been created to mimic the look of marble, quartzite, granite, concrete and other materials. They come in gloss and matte finishes and do not require any maintenance.

When looking into material to complete the perfect fireplace for your home, examine the style already in your home, and find a stone that matches well with your home’s character. For more information on stone surfaces and picking what’s best for your place, check out our resources on various stone countertops.