Newly renovated kitchen, with quartz countertops and polished countertop finish

What are the Types of Quartz Countertop Finishes?

Selecting the perfect quartz countertop is sometimes easier said than done. With so many options to choose from, it’s difficult to pick between a few different but equally beautiful quartz countertop slabs. While this design decision can be tough, that’s not the only one you’ll be making before countertop installation. You’ll also have to consider what type of countertop finish you’d like on your quartz countertop.

A countertop finish gives your quartz countertops a distinct look and appearance and is capable of changing the atmosphere of a room. If you love the look of quartz countertops but aren’t sure what countertop finish would suit your space, we’d like to assist. As professional quartz countertop installers, we can help you find the perfect countertop material, edge, and last but not least, a finish, so you love your countertops for years to come.


Different Types of Quartz Countertop Finishes

Before selecting a quartz countertop finish, it’s important to consider your space and personal style. While there are many different styles of quartz countertops, there are three types of quartz countertop finishes: honed, polished, and sueded. To find out what finish looks best in your space, let’s review the different types of quartz countertop finishes.


Honed Countertop Finish 

A honed countertop finish, also known as a matte finish, occurs when your countertops are completely smoothed down. They have an overall flat, matte appearance, and many homeowners choose to have this finish if they live in busier households. If you love the appearance of a matte, no shine countertop, you can choose to have your quartz countertops finished with a matte surface.

A honed, matte countertop finish doesn’t have the same lustrous, shiny appearance that most countertops have. Instead, matte countertops are completely smooth and lack the polished shine that lets your countertops reflect light. 

While matte quartz countertop finishes aren’t for everyone, there are some advantages to their matte surface. A matte finish is better at concealing countertop smudges and streaks, so if you’re busy entertaining family or friends no one will notice those unwanted countertop marks. However, with little light reflecting off of your quartz countertop, it will be difficult to spot any crumbs or cooking mishaps in the kitchen. Be aware that not all quartz colors come in a honed finish.


Polished Countertop Finish 

Known as the traditional countertop finish, polished countertops have a beautiful shine and luster that allow quartz countertops to be the focal point of your kitchen or bathroom. To achieve that shine, your quartz countertops are ground down with a mild grinder during the finishing process, eventually creating a naturally shining surface.

Polished quartz countertops are beautiful, and a popular choice among homeowners for many reasons. The polished surface makes any space look elegant, and the way light reflects off of your countertops will give the illusion of more open space. Plus the reflective surface, which amplifies any spills or crumbs on matte countertops, hides these minor imperfections until you have a chance to clean or wipe them away.

If you like the idea of a traditional, classic kitchen or bathroom, then a polished countertop is perfect for your space. However, maintaining the shine will take additional cleaning than matte countertops. Polishing your countertops will be a necessity to maintain their appearance.


Sueded Countertop Finish

This up and coming trend in the countertop world is known for complimenting darker countertops. Leather countertops for material like granite, marble, and quartzite have a more textured and rough appearance, lacking the same shine and luster as polished countertops. For quartz, the textured finish alternative is known as sueded. While it’s quite similar to a honed finish, sueded has more depth and texture, while matte countertops maintain their flat appearance. If you want a conversation starter for your space, then a sueded quartz countertop finish is the way to go. This finish is also fairly low maintenance, it just needs to be wiped down regularly. As with honed quartz, all quartz colors are not offered with a sueded finish.


Ask the Experts: Do Quartz Countertop Installers Prefer Matte or Polished? 

As quartz countertop installers, we enjoy the look of polished and matte quartz countertops. Both are very different but equally beautiful. One of the benefits of quartz countertops is that they can support a polished, matte, or leather finish, without the risk of exposing any flaws or imperfections. Unlike other countertop materials, quartz maintains its beautiful appearance, regardless of the finish.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen to be more contemporary, modern, or nontraditional, a matte or sueded countertop will suit your space well. A matte finish will let the colors of your quartz shine through, so if you have darker colored quartz, your eye will be able to see the rich colors instead of focusing on the light reflecting off the surface. Sueded or leathered counters are popular options for areas like bar tops or for more rustic design choices.

However, if you’re someone who enjoys a more traditional space, then we recommend picking a polished countertop finish. A polished quartz countertop can elevate a kitchen, bathroom, outdoor space, or even a laundry room because of its ability to reflect light. Also, if you have a smaller space, polished quartz will make it appear larger and brighter. Nothing beats the truly showstopping look of polished quartz countertops.

Before you make a decision, ask your quartz countertop installer for a second opinion. At Bloomday, based on your space and design preference, we know what countertop finishes will elevate the different spaces in your home. However, the final decision will always come down to your personal preference.


Ready for Quartz Countertop Installation?

If you’ve been thinking about updating your kitchen or bathroom countertops, our quartz countertop installers would love to bring your countertop vision to life. At Bloomday Granite and Marble, we understand that installing new countertops is a big to-do, but our goal is to make this process as enjoyable and exciting as possible.

Our process is broken down into four phases, prepping for your countertop consultation, choosing your countertop materials, taking your countertop template, and countertop installation and finalization. During the countertop selection process, we will also discuss additional details like countertop edges and your quartz countertop finish, so you feel 100% confident and comfortable in your decisions before we move forward.

If you need quartz countertops in Winston Salem, Greensboro, and other areas in the Piedmont Triad, it’s time to work with quartz countertop installers who care. At Bloomday, we’ll support you every step of the way, from selecting your material to the countertop finish.


Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine your perfect countertops. Instead of guessing, try our quartz countertop visualizer to see how your countertop vision will come to life. Once you have a better idea of your future countertops, schedule a consultation either online or in stores with one of our designers. Together, we can pick the perfect quartz countertop finish, material, and edging.

What are the Types of Quartz Countertop Finishes?