Countertop Teardowns and Leveling: What to Expect

Countertop Teardowns and Leveling: What to Expect

New countertops can transform your surface into a work of art, but before they can be installed, there’s work to be done first. It may seem like a small task, but the removal of your existing countertop is an important step. If you don’t properly level your cabinets before installing a new countertop, you could face problems over time, including chipped or cracked stone. Be sure to hire a pro to properly remove your old countertop and prepare your cabinets for the new installation.


Before you get started, remove everything from the countertop and from the drawers or cabinets that may be underneath. Make sure to disconnect and shut off the supply lines to any appliances on the counter, including the sink, dishwasher, outlets, and disposal.

The Countertop Tear-Down Process

Once the workspace is clean, the old counter can be removed. A tear-out typically takes about three hours depending on the material being removed and how it was attached to your cabinets. If there is an existing tile backsplash you wish to keep, it is necessary to cut the tile area to a width that allows room for the installation of the new countertop without leaving too much of a gap.


Once the tear-out is complete, the cabinets must be leveled so the new countertop will hug the top plane of the cabinet tightly. If improperly leveled, the countertop may become chipped and cracked and require another whole new installation. We recommend leveling any cabinets that are more than 3/16th out of level to prevent future damage to the countertop; use a laser level to be certain.

Waste Disposal

Wood scraps, screws and nails, tile, and other materials will need to be disposed of after your tear-down.

The Bloomday Way

Our sales representatives will always ask whether your countertop has already been removed prior to installation. If not, we can connect you with a professional. There is a lot of room for error during a tear-down, but a professional will get the job done right the first time and properly dispose of all the waste. Hiring a pro means less hassle and no problems with the installation of the countertop so you can enjoy your natural stone surface for years to come.

If you’re ready for a new natural stone countertop in your kitchen or bathroom, the professionals at Bloomday Granite and Marble are here to help you through the process. Our team is here when you’re ready to schedule a consultation!