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Sealing Your Countertops: Is it Necessary?

Is sealing your stone countertop really necessary?

While there’s a lot of mixed advice out there about your countertops and sealer, we’re here to clear the air. If you have a natural stone countertop, such as granite or marble, the answer is yes, you will likely need a professional to seal it. Remember: Applying sealer is just another aspect of proper maintenance and care, so it’s not something you should neglect.

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Sealing Your Countertops: Is it Necessary?

What does sealing do for my countertop?

A properly sealed countertop repels water and can easily prevent stains and bacteria from settling into the surface, extending its lifespan. It’s going to be much easier (and less expensive) to have your countertop resealed than to replace a damaged countertop. If you care for it properly, damage can be completely avoidable!

Do I need to seal my countertop often?

How often you seal your countertop will depend on the porousness of the stone, and this differs with every piece. In the past, they recommended you seal your countertop at least once every year, maybe more, depending on how much contact you had with it. Because of these advancements, that’s not necessarily true anymore.

Advanced natural stone sealers have been developed in recent years, and some can last you anywhere from 6 to 10 to even 15 years. At Bloomday Granite we apply a 15-year commercial grade sealer to your countertop after installation.

Be sure to consider the cleaner you use on your natural stone countertops. It can also influence how often you may need to reseal the countertops. Certain chemicals will weaken and wear away the sealant. Read this guide for countertop care and maintenance to learn more about what you should and shouldn’t use.

So, don’t be concerned by claims that you need to seal granite every 6 months to a year. Yes, you will need that layer of protection touched up eventually, but the frequency varies depending on all those factors we’ve covered.

Sealing Your Countertops: Is it Necessary?

How will I know when it needs to be done?

Although your best option is to contact a professional, there are ways to observe for yourself whether or not a countertop needs to be resealed. When you notice that the stone becomes darker with moisture, and water no longer beads up on the surface of your countertop, these are signs it needs to be resealed.

Is your natural stone countertop damaged or ready to be resealed?

 Bloomday Granite & Marble’s countertop repair service can handle any and all of your needs. Set up an appointment with us today and we’ll make sure your countertop looks as good as new!