Perks That’ll Pay You Back: 5 Most Valuable Kitchen Upgrades

Perks That’ll Pay You Back: 5 Most Valuable Kitchen Upgrades

Whether you’re sprucing up your kitchen to match a new style preference or you’re getting your home ready to sell, you’ll want to know you’re spending your money wisely. Confidently make smarter investments in your home with upgrades that’ll increase your home’s value and pay you back if it comes time to sell.

Upgrade your cabinets and storage.

Giving your kitchen a facelift could be as simple as painting your cabinets and updating the hardware. If you do decide to replace your cabinets, make sure you opt for full-length cabinets that reach the ceiling. Not only do they make your kitchen look taller, but they’re easier to keep clean and are more appealing to potential buyers. Short cabinets that leave space between the top of the cabinet and ceiling waste space and are more difficult to keep clean.


Adding or changing your backsplash makes your kitchen more functional, easier to clean, and freshens the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Old grout or paint dulls your style and isn’t very appealing to visitors, especially potential buyers. Backsplashes can be as budget-friendly or high-end as you choose and offers plenty of room for creativity.


Countertop upgrades cost more upfront than other minor changes, but if choose wisely, they’re well worth it in the long run. Some countertop materials are more durable than others, and it’s important to balance your style preferences with maintenance demands. Opt for countertops that are both elegant and durable for the best ROI.

Other popular options include butcher block, concrete, and solid surface countertops.


Add flare and function with updated flooring. If you already have hardwood, you can refinish it or paint it for a fresh look. Natural stone and concrete flooring are also popular, stylish, and durable options.

Install a range hood.

A lot of people are deterred from adding a hood over their oven because they think it requires mandatory, pricey duct work, but there’s good news if your kitchen isn’t already set up to vent outside: you can add a ductless range hood. The filters will have to be changed more often, but it looks nicer than a microwave and you’ll get an instant boost in value and style without putting time, money, and labor into unnecessary duct work.

Take the stress out of remodeling your kitchen by partnering with a local team who has the experience and dedication to help you get exactly what you want out of your countertops!

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