various stone slab samples for kitchen countertops

Which Countertops are the Most Durable?

There are plenty of countertop options to choose from, but which styles hold up the best when it comes to cracks, chips, and other unexpected wear and tear? Today, we’re ranking the most durable countertops, from least to most durable including materials such as wood and laminates to synthetic solid surfacing components and natural stone.

#8 Wood

While durability will depend on what type of wood you’re considering, it’s still not as durable as stone. Depending on how they’re treated, wood countertops are often more susceptible to scratches, stains, and even warping.


#7 Laminate

Also known as “formica,” laminates are plastics available in a variety of colors and patterns. Often designed to mimic other surfaces, such as stone and wood, laminate countertops are cheaper. However, they’re not as durable, prone to chips and cracks, and sometimes difficult to repair and replace.


#6 Marble

Marble is surprisingly soft, making it one of the least durable materials when it comes to stone. It can chip more easily and requires sealing. At Bloomday, however, we apply a 15-year commercial sealer to our marble, making it a great surface for your kitchen countertop—and making it easier to take good care of it!


#5 Concrete

Concrete countertops come with various pros and cons, depending on how they’re manufactured.  Make sure your concrete surfaces have been cured before arriving for installation. Otherwise, this process could take weeks. You’ll also want to make sure your concrete has been sealed or it may be susceptible to water damage and staining. Finally, cracking is also a concern, so make sure your concrete is reinforced with rebar, wire, or nylon and stainless steel mesh.


#4 Soapstone

With its soft, dark appearance, soapstone has become a popular countertop material. It’s also one of the more durable materials, non-porous and resistant to stains and bacteria. While it’s a softer stone, like marble, it contains quartz, which strengthens it. Still, it may be dented more easily than other stone surfaces.


#3 Crushed Glass

Eco-friendly and eye-catching, crushed glass countertops are created when recycled glass is set in either acrylic or cement, which both produce different styles. You may be surprised to learn that these countertops are more durable than other acrylic blends and other solid surface countertops. They won’t chip or scratch, they’re heat resistant, and their dazzling appearance doesn’t fade. However, they can crack, and if they’re set in acrylic, they’re susceptible to acids found in some foods and cleaning products.


#2 Granite

Although not number one on our list, granite is still one of the most durable kitchen countertops available. It resists cracks and chips. It’s also stain-resistant if you apply a sealer. As with our marble, we use a 15-year commercial grade sealer for extra protection. Granite countertops are slightly more susceptible to chipping than quartz, but small damage can often be polished away.


#1 Quartz

Also known as “engineered stone,” quartz is typically resistant to scratches, stains, and even bacteria. It’s less prone to cracking and chipping than other stone surfaces and doesn’t require annual sealing. However, when it comes to heat, quartz countertops are more susceptible to damage, and their color can sometimes fade.


If you want to learn more about the countertop possibilities and check out just some of the beautiful materials we offer, head over to our Material Catalog. Ready to get started? Schedule a consultation today!