How to measure your countertop

Quick Tips for Measuring Your Countertops

Are you ready for some new countertops? With so many styles, colors, and materials available, choosing the perfect countertop for your kitchen or bathroom is an exciting time! To make the process easier, it’s a good idea to take some quick measurements before you meet with someone.

Measuring your countertops ahead of time is a great way to help get an accurate quote and estimate when working with a countertop installer. Think of it as a rough draft that helps your provider get an idea of what you need.

To take measurements for your countertop you’ll need:

  • A measuring tape
  • Pencil and paper

So let’s start measuring your countertops!

Make a sketch
Make a sketch of your existing countertop layout, to use as a diagram. You’ll record your measurements directly on your sketch. Make sure your sketch indicates whether you are taking measurements from existing countertops or from the base cabinets alone. This is important, since the measurements for new countertops will be completely different than those of existing ones.

Taking measurements
Start by measuring your backwalls, point to point. These are the walls around the installation point on all sides of the countertop, or your cabinets if no countertops have been installed yet. Mark down these measurements in your diagram.

It’s also useful to note down these things in your mockup:

  • The approximate location of your sink and any large appliances such as your stove or refrigerator. No need to have exact measurements for any of these at this stage–just let your installer know where they’ll be in your kitchen!
  • If your kitchen has an island, measure the distance between your cabinets and the island so we can calculate the amount of overhang you can comfortably have.
  • If possible, include a few photographs of your kitchen, especially if there are any unusual angles or corners that will contain the countertop.

Get a Free Estimate

At Bloomday Granite and Marble, we offer free estimates! We will set up a time with you to come out and measure your space for you so we can provide an accurate quote. We’ll also snap a few pictures to use as references later. To schedule your free estimate, contact Bloomday Granite today!