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5 Kid-Friendly and Durable Countertops

If you have small children, you’re no stranger to spilled juice, dropped food, and other minor messes in your kitchen. Your countertops probably transform into an arts and crafts station on the weekend – which is less than ideal if you want to enjoy time in your kitchen.

If you’re installing new kitchen countertops, small kids or not, it’s important to remember that countertop wear and tear happens. Nothing is completely indestructible! However, that doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on style and feel like you should install laminate countertops in your kitchen.

There are plenty of solid stone countertops on the market that are durable enough – and stylish enough – to withstand your kids. You just have to find out which materials work best with your kitchen layout and design.


Tips When Shopping for Kid Friendly Counters

When it comes to shopping for countertops, you’re probably wondering which stone surface has the ability to withstand the toughest spills and stains your kids create. The truth is, kids will be kids and are going to make messes! But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal style preferences for utmost durability.

When shopping for kid-friendly countertops, we recommend focusing on durability first, and then consider the following questions.

  • Is it a safe countertop material?
    • When it comes to small kids, safety is important. You might not want to get wood countertops, or glass countertops if your kids run around the house. Certain materials are more fragile, while others are a bit rougher. If your child is running around your kitchen, you want to make sure they aren’t going to accidentally hurt themselves on a sharp corner.
  • Are they durable countertops?
    • Kids are tough – so your countertops need to be as well. The most durable countertop materials should be on your radar. Take the time to research various materials, or talk to a countertop consultant while you shop.
  • Are they easy to clean?
    • With small kids, you can expect plenty of messes, and you definitely don’t have time to worry about removing harsh stains. It’s important to shop for countertop materials that aren’t extremely porous, are heat resistant, and are properly sealed before installation. That way, you’re simplifying your own daily countertop maintenance and cleaning.
  • Are you still going to love them once your kids are grown?
    • Don’t install a countertop material just because it’s best for your kids. Eventually, they’ll grow up and stop taking over your kitchen! When that happens, it’s important to have a countertop material that is suitable for your home, and your taste.


Kid-Friendly Stone Countertop Materials and Edges

With the above questions in mind, you’re ready to shop for your brand new kitchen countertops. There are plenty of highly durable kitchen countertop materials that can withstand any crafts or cooking your kids have in mind. Some of the most kid-friendly stone countertop materials are:


All of these countertop materials are well known for their durability, heat resistance, and easy maintenance. While quartz and sintered stone countertops are the least porous materials, granite is extremely resistant to heat. Ultimately, you have to consider your cooking habits, and which material suits your lifestyle best. All of these materials come in beautiful colors and patterns, so you’ll be able to find the right style for your space.

From there, you’ll be able to review your favorite kitchen design trends and start creating the kitchen of your dreams.

However, when it comes to choosing a countertop edge, consider something that is safe and rounded. If your children are playing, you don’t want anyone to accidentally run into a rough countertop edge. The best countertop edges for kids, that still look incredibly stylish, are:

  • Bullnose Edge
  • Half Bullnose Edge
  • Ogee Edge


All of these edges will still elevate the look and feel of your kitchen, without posing any hazards to your kids.


Tips for Maintaining Your Countertops

Accidents are bound to happen even with the most durable kitchen countertop materials. If you’re worried about common countertop problems, here are a few suggestions to keep everything looking good as new.

  • Invest in rubber playmats
    • If your kids plan on playing and crafting while you cook, rubber playmats are an inexpensive solution for protecting your counters. Glue, glitter, and other items can stay contained on the mat, and not on your granite or marble.
  • Keep pigmented items like playdough away from countertops
    • Playdough might be fun for kids, but not always for adults. It can leave a sticky film or residue on your countertops, so unless you have the proper precautions in place, it’s best to keep playdough out of the kitchen.
  • Keep craft containers in your kitchen
    • For easy cleanup purposes, keep craft containers nearby. Your kids can put away their extra materials, instead of leaving them behind. This way, you’ll be able to avoid any sticky or unexpected messes.
  • Wipe down your countertops daily
    • A little warm water can go a long way – once your kids are done for the day be sure to wipe down your countertops. This will remove any lingering food residue, and make sure no stains or stickiness are left behind.


Looking for ways to keep your countertops pristine? If so, review our Do’s and Don’ts of Countertop Cleaning, to help manage any messes your kids’ make. If you’re looking to invest in incredible countertops, which don’t know which material is right for you, download our free guide the Best Stone Surfaces for the Cost to help ease your decision.

5 Kid-Friendly and Durable Countertops