The Importance of Level Cabinets for New Countertops

The Importance of Level Cabinets for New Countertops

Believe it or not, most home cabinets are not level. This could have a direct impact on your new countertops before they are even installed because your base cabinets are crucial to installing your new countertops. The Importance of Level Cabinets for New Countertops


Significance of Uneven Cabinets

Choosing new beautiful countertops to compliment your home is exciting. Once you make your selection from Bloomday, a professional is sent to your home to template your new counters and determine if your cabinets are currently fit to support them. We make sure your cabinets are level in all directions to within 1/8th of an inch.

Uneven cabinets can lead to a few problems after your countertops are installed. First, the pieces of your countertop may not line up properly at the seams. This creates an unfinished look and can leave a space for dust, debris, and even mold to build up over time. In more extreme cases, unlevel cabinets can eventually warp or crack your natural stone countertops.

There are plenty of reasons why a cabinet might not be level. Maybe it is just the usual wear and tear experienced over the lifetime of cabinet use. It is not uncommon for cabinets to warp and slope over time. However, it could be that the cabinets were never level when they were installed. If your cabinets were not installed correctly, you must ensure that they are fixed prior to installing new counters.

Remember, level cabinets are about more than looks! Even cabinets are important for the functionality and safety of your kitchen or bathroom.


Leveling Your Cabinets

Your base cabinets are the key to level countertops, and sometimes homes just need a little maintenance from time to time. If you are investing in new cabinets for your kitchen, be sure they are level before moving on to your countertops. If they are not installed evenly, do not hesitate to contact the installer so they can make the proper adjustments. Remember to have the installer check level in all directions.

A laser level is usually the best tool for this verification as a standard level will not necessarily show all areas out of level. The cabinets need to be level across the whole plane that the counter will rest upon in all directions. If we find uneven cabinets during your template appointment, we will help you take your next steps toward resolving the issue.

You might decide your cabinets just require some touching up or a paint job. If you are counting on your current base cabinets to be the foundation for your brand new counters, adjustment might still be necessary. You can use shims to even out the plane of your cabinets. While the idea of applying shims might seem a little hokey in a remodeled kitchen, it’s likely they won’t ever be noticed! Once the shims are painted or stained to match your cabinet style, nobody will notice they are there.

Once it is determined that your base cabinets are level to industry standard, your countertops can be installed, and your new kitchen can finally take shape.


Learn more about what to expect during the teardown and leveling process here! Ready to get started? Schedule a consultation today.