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How to Prepare for Installing Granite Counters

If you’re looking for a countertop material that is beautiful, highly durable, and timeless, look no further than granite countertops. Granite countertops are known for their exceptional hardness, unique appearance, and ability to make a statement in any kitchen or bathroom. Plus, no two granite countertop slabs are the same, which means your kitchen and bathroom countertops are entirely one of a kind. Trust us, there is plenty to love and discover about granite countertops

But, before you can start enjoying your beautiful granite countertops, a lot of decisions and work have to be done – like selecting and installing those granite counters!

Many steps occur during the granite countertop installation process. Getting new countertops is exciting but also slightly overwhelming at times. Instead of wondering what to expect during granite countertop installation – or where to begin – Bloomday Granite and Marble is here to help. We’re taking a closer look at the benefits of this incredible material, how to select your granite countertop slab, and the granite installation process from start to finish.


The Benefits of Granite Countertop Installation

Granite countertops have been a popular choice among homeowners for years. They look fantastic in kitchens, bathrooms and are the perfect backsplash. This natural stone countertop is known for its many unique features, so if you’d like to learn more before installing granite countertops, here are a few reasons why granite countertops are such an excellent investment.

  • They’re highly durable countertops
    • Granite is a very durable countertop material. What makes granite an excellent countertop material is its heat resistance. Hot objects like pots, pans, and trays aren’t going to warp or damage granite compared to other solid surface countertop materials.
  • Long term investment and increased home value
    • Granite countertops are known for their longevity and can last for years without maintenance. Other materials, like laminate countertops, are easily damaged. Meanwhile, granite is durable enough to maintain its appearance for years, without a single chance. Additionally, because granite countertops are so popular and well-liked by homeowners, installing these countertops will significantly increase your home’s resale value.
  • Unique appearance
    • Granite countertops are known for their unique appearance and overall hueing, which compliment any space. Granite is made with different minerals, which is why granite comes in so many different colors and patterns.
  • You have less to worry about
    • Because granite is so durable, beautiful, and timeless, you can enjoy your space worry-free.


Granite countertops are one of a kind, and the long term benefits of granite countertops are definitely worth the initial investment.

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of granite countertops let’s dive into the selection and installation of granite countertops.


Granite Countertop Selection

Before our countertop installers can get to work in your kitchen or bathroom, first, you have to pick your granite countertop slab! Before countertop selection, we ask that you bring a few relevant pieces of information like your current countertop measurements, photos, and any cabinet or backsplash samples you have on hand. This information will give us a better idea of your space, so we can pick a slab that matches your interior. For additional consultation tips, review our blog highlighting everything you need to prep for your countertop consultation

Once you arrive in our showroom for your appointment, one of our project managers will take you on a tour of our showroom. You’ll see many of our beautiful granite countertop slabs on display, however, our showroom inventory doesn’t reflect all of our incredible countertop choices. If you’d like to see more of our granite countertop slabs, we can arrange a time to visit one of our local suppliers and see more of our materials. We realized this is a big decision, so before you visit, take a minute to review our guide on choosing your countertop materials and how we price our countertop installations

After you’ve discussed your project size, countertop measurements, and you’ve selected your countertop slab, we can begin moving forward with installing your granite counters.


Granite Countertop Installation Preparation

Now that you’ve selected your granite countertop slab, it’s time to start prepping for your granite countertop installation. The installation process itself won’t take more than a few hours, but there are a few steps that have to be completed beforehand, such as:

  • Schedule A Countertop Template 
    • A countertop template is what allows our countertop installers to fabricate your granite countertops. Our template staff take a precise laser template, look for any potential areas of concern, and review all of your selections with you. Once we know the exact dimensions for your existing countertops, it will be easy for our fabricators to cut the right granite countertops for your space.
  • Your previous granite countertops are removed, and countertops are level
    • Removing old countertops gives our countertop installers the ability to check cabinets to see if they are level. We can provide this service or make other recommendations if you need countertop tear-outs.
    • Level countertops are the key to a successful countertop installation! Level countertops guarantee that your granite counters do not separate at seams over time. For a full explanation of the countertop leveling process, review Countertop Tear-Down and Leveling.


With these steps complete, our countertop experts can take your template back to be processed and may ask you for final approval before moving forward with the installation if any details need to be verified. 

Before agreeing to an installation date for your granite countertops, we recommend planning out the following steps:

  • Who will be there day of installation
    • Depending on the project, you might have a contractor overseeing the granite countertop installation. If that’s the case, be sure to coordinate with them, so they’re there in case of questions. Otherwise, plan on being home during the installation.
  • Ask family members for space
    • Our technicians must have enough room to move and install your granite countertops safely. If you have other family members or children at home, ask them to remain in another part of the house while we’re bringing in heavy granite countertop slabs. Pets will need to be kept out of install and travel areas as well.
  • Clear out large furniture
    • If we have to walk through your living room, dining room, or other areas to reach your kitchen or bathroom, be sure we have a distinctive path to access these spaces. With such heavy materials, we must have enough room to walk freely. Also, cover any large furniture with protective coverings so no dust lands on your dining table or couch.
    • Clear out areas under sinks if we will be installing a sink as well.  Our team needs to be able to get underneath sinks for installations.


Once all of these steps are complete, our team can move forward with your granite countertop installation.

At Bloomday, our team specializes in granite countertop installation in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and other areas in the surrounding Piedmont Triad. No matter where you are, we can manage your countertop installation throughout central North Carolina.


What to Expect When Installing Granite Counters

With all of the preparation complete, our technicians will finally install your countertops. The day of your granite countertop installation is exciting, but many moving parts go on during the project. As such, it’s essential to expect the following when we arrive for installation.

  • Allow adequate time in your schedule
    • Depending on the project’s size and scope, our technicians can install your granite countertops in as little as 2 hours or upwards of 6. Installation time truly depends on the size of your space. So, be sure to leave your calendar clear in the hours around your install time.
  • Expect minor fumes
    • During countertop installation, we use epoxy to join your countertop slabs together. Be sure to open up some windows to keep fresh air moving throughout your home.


Our technicians begin by bringing your granite countertop slabs in sections that will be joined together during installation. Once all of your granite slabs are inside, we will lay each respective slab on your countertop, securing the pieces to their correct area. We will check each slab to ensure your countertop cutouts are a perfect fit and make adjustments as needed. Once your countertops and granite look level, we’ll use epoxy and silicone to secure your respective granite slabs to your countertops. After your granite countertops are secured with the adhesive, our team will check that all your appliances can open and close.

Once everything is checked, your countertops will be 100% installed and ready to go. For a closer look at the countertop installation process, read our Countertop Installation and Finalization.


After Granite Countertop Installation

Now that your granite countertops are installed, all that’s left to do is seal them! Our team will seal your countertops to protect them from absorbing bacteria, water, and other unwanted stains. We will also clean up any leftover sealant and the installation site once we’re finished and give you essential countertop cleaning tips for your granite counters.

After we leave, all that’s left to do is enjoy your brand new granite countertops!


Are you ready to install brand new granite countertops in your home? Then take a moment to review the Countertop Installation and Selection Process and our Countertops FAQs

How to Prepare for Installing Granite Counters