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How to Make the Rest of Your Kitchen Match Your Granite Countertop

One of the best things about a granite countertop is that each piece is unique. Unfortunately, matching the colors in your granite may take some effort. You’ll want to take your cabinet colors into consideration as well.


Find the Right Backsplash

You’ll want to make sure the backsplash complements the colors in your countertop. Stick with something that will match it well and that doesn’t have a pattern that is too complicated. It’s a good idea to stick with common backsplash materials when trying to find the right backsplash to match your countertops. For example, a matte finish wall tile with closely matching grout can look terrific against a highly polished piece of granite. The backsplash provides a restful spot for the eye. Metal tiles also offer consistent color and can save you the hassle of working with grout above your brand-new countertop. Just keep in mind that you should wait until after the countertops are installed to begin your tile backsplash. If there is an existing tile backsplash you wish to keep, it is necessary to cut the tile area to a width that allows room for the installation of the new countertop without leaving too much of a gap!


Choose Paint Colors Wisely

Bring home samples of the backsplash material you’re considering. Also, be ready to stop by the home supply store and pick up small samples of paint. Don’t rely on the chips to give you an accurate impression of how the wall color will work with the granite. They’re simply too small to give you an honest reading of the color. Paint a bigger sample of your intended wall color on a piece of cardboard and lay it on the countertop to see if it will work. Finally, consider the tone of your granite. If the granite is mostly dark, you will need a lighter, brighter wall color to keep the room from feeling like a cave.


Select Complementary Cabinets

If you’re getting new cabinets as well as new countertops, take a sample of your new cabinet color with you to the home supply store to help with your countertop selection! Make sure you take all the pieces outside so you can check the colors under natural light to make sure everything works together. If you’re keeping your current cabinets, take a door off and bring it to the showroom so you can hold your cabinet up against your planned piece of granite. Once things are installed, you’re committed.

Granite countertops are loaded with a variety of colors. Once they’re in place, you may find that particular wall color isn’t working for you. If you’re doing the work yourself, it may be a good idea to leave the painting for last. Once you’re happy with the cabinets, the backsplash, and the countertops, you can choose a wall color that will tie all three of these elements together.


If you’re thinking about getting granite countertops in your kitchen, contact us so we can discuss your project!