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Granite 101

Granite is a naturally occurring stone that has been used in various forms of crafting since the early stages of human history. If you’re a lover of granite then you might be curious as to why it’s such a popular and staple material in the modern world. Here’s a few fast facts about granite you might not know.

Where is it produced?

In the earth, right? Well yes, but the granite we use in our lives has to be processed somewhere. Granite production falls under the umbrella of stone quarrying along with marble and other popular stone materials, making it a part of one of the oldest industries in the world. Granite quarrying is believed to have existed as far back as ancient Egypt, even the great pyramids are partly composed of granite slab. Worldwide, the modern major granite exporting countries include China, India, Italy, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Spain, and the United States. As such, there’s a very good chance that your fancy granite countertops are homegrown. In the U.S. alone there are well over a dozen separate granite quarries dotted throughout the country that supply both local and foreign demands.

Granites uses

Granite has been a staple building material since ancient times. Many monuments and works of art are made of granite. It even played a key role in the architecture of many great early civilizations, such as ancient Rome and Egypt. Even today, granite is one of the most heavily utilized building materials in the world and can be found in just about every location. Whether its engineered granite, works of art, your home countertops or even entire buildings, granite continues to be a staple material of the modern world.

Granite in the home or office

This is probably the form of granite that is most easily recognizable. Granite used for homes and businesses has some key advantages when compared to other similar materials. Granite is a durable stone, with exceptional hardness. While it can still be chipped, it is quite durable and a great option for most homes. Granite is also unique in its appearance, with no two slabs of granite ever looking completely alike. This makes granite prized for its decorative appeal as much as its durability. Granite floors and countertops tend to make up the majority of its residential use, while in businesses granite might compose the majority of a building’s structure.


These are just a few basic facts about one of the world’s favorite stones. It might not sparkle like a diamond or have the air of sophistication of marble but granite will continue to be one of the world’s favorite materials for centuries to come.


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Granite 101


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