3 Places to Explore Your Home Remodeling Ideas

3 Places to Explore Your Home Remodeling Ideas

When you decide to move forward with a bathroom renovation or kitchen remodel, it can be difficult to narrow down all of your ideas into one cohesive design. When you get to custom design your space, the options can start to feel overwhelming. Do you want a contemporary bathroom with a walk-in shower or something more traditional like a classic powder room?  Would you prefer traditional kitchen cabinets or open shelves? What kind of floor tiles do you want? Will they look as good with your tile backsplash as they do in your head? Whether you’re remodeling your master bathroom or planning out a new kitchen design, even the smallest decisions can have a massive impact on the final design.

Where to find design ideas for your remodeling project.

If you’re feeling excited but a bit overwhelmed, that’s normal and expected. We don’t know what your day job is, but we doubt it’s “bathroom designer,” so it’s only reasonable that you’re looking for some inspiration to make the design process less daunting. Here are a few places to help you compare different design ideas, get inspiration, and figure out what design features you’d like to have in your remodeled space.

Social Media

Need ideas for how to get the most out of a small bathroom? Not sure if you want to commit to all stainless steel appliances and fixtures? Looking for kitchen island ideas? Why not ask real people who are snapping photos of their real kitchens? Sometimes it’s more helpful to see candid shots of other folks’ remodeling process to get a better sense of what their style looks like when it’s not polished and in perfect lighting like it will be in most interior design publications.


Sure, Pinterest is technically social media, but we gave it its own category due to its unique emphasis on design and visual content. Pinterest lets you create a moodboard for each design theme so you can organize everything from color swatches and finishes to the best wood cabinets and appliances all in one place.

Magazines (yes, they still exist) and websites

Blog posts and/or publications from HGTV, Houzz, and Apartment Therapy are great ways to spark your imagination and find unique design inspiration. For example, check out Apartment Therapy’s feature on small bathroom makeovers or Houzz’s gallery of kitchen design ideas! (Pro tip: if you enjoy binge-watching HGTV, you can just tell your family that you’re doing “research.”)


Check out galleries from local experts.

No matter what you see online, nothing really compares to seeing the work of the folks who will be helping you remodel your bathroom or kitchen, so be sure to look at galleries and samples of materials from local professionals to get the best idea of how your design ideas will become a reality.

You can scroll through Bloomday Granite & Marble’s gallery here and learn more about the best countertop materials for your remodeling project on our blog.