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DIY Design Tips to Help your Kitchen and Bath Remodel

Are you thinking about rolling up your sleeves and renovating your own home, but need some design assistance before you get started?

Starting your own home renovations can be daunting, but sometimes there is no better way to get what you want while saving money you can reinvest in your home! Plus, there are so many places to explore your home remodeling ideas.

If you want to try your hand at DIY design projects in your kitchen or bathroom, we’d like to help. We’ve seen spaces, sinks, and countertops of all shapes and sizes over the years, so we’re going to share our DIY design knowledge with you, so you can make the best interior decisions for your home.

Pick Your Appliances First

Appliances, whether they are toilets, sinks, dishwashers, or tubs – take up space within your home. When it comes to redesigning your kitchen or bathroom, don’t start demolishing your space until you find the perfect appliances.

Just imagine – you go to buy your stainless steel refrigerator, and it turns out that it’s dimensions are a little larger than you thought! This is the risk you run designing the space prior to finding your must-have appliances. Rather than compromising on style, just select the kitchen sink, dishwasher, and any other appliances you’d love to have in your home ahead of time. The kitchen renovation process will go so much smoother with these decisions already made.

The same rules apply to your bathroom remodel as well. If you decide to swap out a pedestal sink for a brand new vanity, make sure you find the exact model, size, and measurements you want prior to shopping for granite, quartz, or marble. Guesstimating what you think will work versus what is actually attainable for your space makes all the difference – and you won’t run the risk of unlevel countertops.

Where to Save or Splurge

Remodeling costs go down significantly when you start doing work yourself – but that doesn’t change the fact that glass shower doors, floor tile, and kitchen backsplashes all come with a hefty price tag. In order to get exactly what you want, it’s important to realize where you’ll have to save, or splurge, so you keep your all-in the budget the same. However, there are certain features we do not recommend attempting yourself, like installing countertops. Natural stone countertops are a high-cost investment in your home and your countertop may be prone to chips and cracks if not installed properly, which means you could be paying for a replacement!

If you decide to skip out on brand new upper cabinets, you’ll be able to spend those extra savings on other features, like installing subway tiles, or shopping for brand new kitchen countertops! The possibilities are endless when it comes to your home – you just have to start thinking about your design preferences, and start countertop shopping. If you want to start browsing material possibilities, we have the complete guide to Natural Stone Countertops to get you started.


Find the Focal Point

Walking into a room, and seeing a relatively simple space can be anti-climactic from a design standpoint. In order for your DIY design project to stand out, you have to include a focal point. A focal point is a point of contrast or interest that engages the eye. For some, this could be a tile backsplash, kitchen island, or unique choice in flooring.

By including a focal point in your design plans, you’re going to entice your guests within your space, so they feel at ease and interested wherever they look. Even the small spaces in our home need a focal point – a half bathroom can always have an exciting vanity, unique countertops, or even an interesting wallpaper.

Use Online Tools

Sometimes it’s hard to see a vision come to life without the proper tools. In order to make your space come alive, explore all of your resources – including online tools that can help you see your space prior to the remodel. There are a variety of online vendors that have design platforms available for consumers. Explore all your options, that way you can remodel, reconfigure, and modify structural and design needs within your home.

Using online tools is a real lifesaver when you’re trying to create the design space of your dreams. Rather than feel conflicted about what space should come next, you can create, design, and see your perfect space unfold right before your eyes – it’s really that simple! 

Start DIY Designing with Our Countertop Visualizer

If you’re tackling your own home improvement project, don’t go into the creative process without a road map. Now, it’s easier than ever to become a bathroom designer, or kitchen remodeler, with Bloomday’s very own countertop visualizer.

Our software lets you begin your remodeling project on the screen, and change your countertop material, color, edging, and style, along with your style of cabinets. It’s easy to transform the look of your home in a few simple steps – without ever having to pick up a finger, to begin with!


If you’re a DIYer who wants some help creating your perfect space, head over to our countertop visualizer to start building the perfect space for your home. For more design inspiration read our, 5 Must-Have Kitchen Design Trends using Natural Stone and Six Design Ideas for Quartz Bathroom Vanity Tops

DIY Design Tips to Help your Kitchen and Bath Remodel