Natural Stone Countertops Maintenance

How to Avoid Common Countertop Problems

You just finished remodeling your kitchen and love your brand new countertops. They’re in pristine condition, and you’d like to keep it that way. But, inevitably, life happens. It’s difficult to avoid countertop damage at times, but there are a few common problems that you can avoid. Taking these extra precautions guarantees the best countertop care.

Avoid the Edges

It might seem like a good idea to have your KitchenAid mixer or other heavy appliance near the end of your countertop so you can have plenty of space, but the extra weight or excessive heat can cause unnecessary cracks along the edges and surface. If you want to care for your countertops, this is an easy fix. Make sure you put down protective mats or hot pads if the appliance generates a lot of heat, or place it in a sturdier location that can support its weight.

Clean with Care

Your countertops are exposed to a lot of germs, so it’s understandable why you might head straight for the bleach or heavy cleaners after a long night of cooking. But, those heavy cleaning products can strip your countertops of their natural finish, which just leads to a dull surface. Less porous materials aren’t likely to take as many of those germs and bacteria, so you can stress less the next time you’re handling raw meat. Keep the mess in one contained area, and use a little bit of dish soap and warm water to care for your counters. Check out this resource if you want to know more about countertop maintenance.

Watch for Too Much Water

While water is definitely the best way to clean and care for your countertops, too much water concentration leads to water buildup and causes unnecessary stains. Around your sink, you’ll especially want to be mindful, and wipe up excessive water once you’re done doing the dishes. If you see any white build-up starting to form, just use a little steel wool to remove the build-up. It’s also a good idea to check your dishwasher and make sure it’s closed and running properly, so there’s less chance of leaking.

Be Mindful

It’s easy to get swept away in the kitchen, especially with big meals around the holidays, but if you cut, chop, or slice away at anything, make sure you’re using a cutting board. Scratches occur most often from knives and being careless. If you spill anything, make sure to clean it up with a soft cloth right away. Products left sitting for periods of time can still get through protective resins if they’re left untreated. Caring for your countertops sometimes means taking those extra steps to make sure they last in the long term. If you know you’re hard on surfaces, check out the most durable countertops to see what works best for you.

How to Avoid Common Countertop Problems