Variety of kitchen counter stone materials

How to Choose Your Countertop Materials

You’ve decided you’re ready for a new bathroom or kitchen countertops, how exciting! Step one is setting up an appointment to take measurements of existing layouts. For new construction projects, drawings will be required. At this point, you can meet with your project manager to discuss your options and start selecting materials, edges, sinks, etc. You’ll have the opportunity to view the slab when it arrives. Here’s what you need to know:


What to bring to your appointment:

  • Cabinet plans or a hand-drawn sketch of your kitchen, bath, or another project. Please include approximate measurements for your project. We provide the “all-in” price for your project so that you don’t have to worry about surprise charges. The measurements allow us to accurately start planning your project! (Need tips on how to measure? See this blog post.)


  • Inspiration! Your favorite Pinterest posts, a cabinet sample like a door or drawer, paint samples, overhang styles, flooring/tile samples, and any other style inspiration to help with your countertop selection.


Helpful things to know before we meet:

  • We hold a limited amount of inventory for viewing. You may decide to visit our local suppliers to select your material if you choose to view more selections. Our customers usually find it to be one of the more enjoyable parts of the process!


    • Quartz is generally ordered by samples from the manufacturer. On arrival, Bloomday Granite will call you to come view and approve your material. Please note that quartz goes through a manufacturing process in which moires can be present at the finish of the polish. This appears as a hazy surface and cannot be removed.


    • With granite, you can either approve your slabs before template or visit our suppliers directly to handpick your slabs in advance. If this material is placed on hold more than 2 weeks before the template, you may be asked to pay a deposit to continue to hold the material.



  • We do not sell thresholds or smaller single stone pieces outside of those needed as part of a standard kitchen or bath project.


Having trouble choosing a material for your new countertops? If so, check out our blog post, How to Choose a Countertop Material for some additional tips. If you know you’re interested in Quartz or Granite, discover your perfect style fit with our Quartz or Granite Visualiser!